Chemicals Stored at Geelong

General flammable chemicals

General flammable chemicals include a range of solvents for industrial use, isopropyl alcohol and AVGAS. The main hazards from flammable liquids are fire and explosion. Some of the systems that provide layers of protection for managing the safety of these hazards include nitrogen blanketing of tanks, spill containment areas, foam injection into tanks, fire water spray deluge onto tanks and rigid control of ignition sources.


Bitumen is a non-hazardous substance used for road building and other engineering processes. It is stored in various thermally insulated tanks. The bitumen in the day tanks must be kept at a high temperature for easy transferral to trucks or between tanks. To save energy, the larger tanks are kept at a lower temperature. Vapours from filling bulk tanks from ships are destroyed in a combustor with a 99.6 per cent destruction efficiency, while other vapours are returned to the original tank.

Easy N

Easy N is the commercial name of a liquid fertiliser comprising urea/ammonium nitrate. Incitec Pivot sells Easy N and farmers throughout Victoria use it. Easy N is a non-flammable pale blue liquid with almost no odour. It poses no risk to the community. Easy N is stored in six 1500 cubic metre fixed roof storage tanks.

Caustic Soda

Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) is a corrosive liquid used in manufacturing and cleaning applications.