GCEG Home Page

Terminals established the Geelong Community Engagement Group (GCEG) in late 2010 and it had its first meeting on 9 February 2011.


The GCEG meets quarterly or at a frequency determined necessary by Terminals and the GCEG.

The GCEG meeting procedure, summaries of previous meetings and technical reports presented to the GCEG that are of general interest are available.

What’s New

  • The minutes for 11 April and 25 July 2018 can be found here, along with the other minutes.
  • The meeting summaries for 11 April and 25 July 2018 can be found here, along with the other meeting summaries.
  • As of the 26th April, 2017 the GCEG has its Terms of Reference documented.

Mission statement

The GCEG will be an active conduit between the company and the Geelong community, to make that relationship robust and informed. It will monitor concerns about company proposals and performance and provide advice about appropriate local community activities and initiatives which Terminals may wish to support.

Terms of Reference

The GCEG has a Terms of Reference that can be viewed here.

Role of the GCEG

The role of the Geelong Community Engagement Group is to:

  • promote continuous improvement in all aspects of the Terminals Geelong facility and encourage Terminals towards the highest possible level of safety, environmental standards and performance
  • provide information to the community about Terminals’ Geelong facility, its operation, any hazards and risk it poses, emergency management procedures and any significant changes proposed to the facility
  • advise Terminals about community concerns and issues relating to the facility.

GCEG members

The GCEG comprises members representing the local community, business, environment groups, the City of Greater Geelong, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria, the Country Fire Authority, Geelong Grammar School and Terminals. The current GCEG members are:

Local community Maurice Anderson
Liz Winning
Business Representative David McArthur
Geelong Grammar School Mark Yeates
Country Fire Authority Pat Geary
Terminals Pty Ltd Don McKenzie
Paul Henshaw
Sue Chatterton
Chair Peter Bollen

Contact Details

Members of the community can contact the GCEG through its Chair, Peter Bollen, at thebollens@bigpond.com