Chemical leader welcomes safety initiative

Media Release Sunday, 21 August 2011
Australia's leading chemical storage company has welcomed an education program being launched today by Victoria's fire services which targets chemical emergencies.

Terminals Pty Ltd said that chemical fires, explosion or spills are now extremely rare but it was essential that the public knew what to do if they were involved in an incident.

Shelter-in-Place is being launched (Sunday 21 August) by the Melbourne Fire Brigade and the Country Fire Authority.

Mr Carlo Fasolino, Victorian manager of Terminals said that modern technology developed by the chemical industry and extremely strict controls established by WorkSafe have resulted in massive improvements to safety.

"The introduction of nitrogen blanketing for all flammable tanks has effectively and dramatically reduced the possibility of a fire because it removes the oxygen which feeds the fire," he said.

"That is just one of innumerable upgrades in recent years which reflect international improvements and safety initiatives."

The chemical industry works very closely with WorkSafe and Terminals, as an example, has obtained the extremely demanding Major Hazard Facility licence as well as the internationally recognised ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditation.