Rosewall goes potty for Terminals

MEDIA RELEASE - 11 September 2014

Terminals operations manager Don McKenzie has congratulated the Rosewall Neighbourhood Centre on the commissioning of its new kiln and the opening of an art exhibition.

"Rosewall Neighbourhood Centre is a wonderful community asset and Terminals is delighted to have contributed funds to the purchase of the kiln," Mr McKenzie said.

Through its Terminals Geelong Community Engagement Group (TGCEG), Terminals gave a grant of $3000 to the centre to purchase a new kiln.

Mr McKenzie launched the kiln and opened the art exhibition on 11 September.

The new kiln is a state-of-the-art automatic electric kiln that provides 15 separate programs including programs for bisque, stoneware and glass. It supports the centre's pottery program and is also available for individual firings by community groups.

"Terminals is really pleased to support community arts and this project is particularly worthy because Rosewall has the only community kiln in northern Geelong," Mr McKenzie said.

"It's also fantastic because the new kiln is more energy efficient than the old one so it will lead to reduced emissions."

Grant application information is available at: